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"I made Derick two fun hooded bath towels a year before his cancer diagnosis. He loved to put the hood on, put his hands in the handles, and wrap himself in a cozy cocoon. After diagnosis at the age of 6, his bear and dinosaur towels became very special to him. This simple homemade creation made him smile and brought him comfort  after a nightly bath.   Here at the Wrapped in Strength Project we have vowed to continue Derick’s fight against cancer. Being a cancer fighting hero is very hard work, and we want children that are currently fighting to have the comfort of one of these special hooded towels, in hopes of bringing a smile to their faces and giving them courage to be brave.    

~Derick the Defeater's Mama: Gina


Derick's Cancer Journey

In a nutshell... Derick, was diagnosed with Meduloblastoma in mid April 2013. He underwent 9 1/2 hours of brain surgery to remove an egg sized tumor. Shortly after, a port was placed in his chest to make the ease of what he was about to endure a little less stressful for him, as poking and prodding would be a frequent thing. At just 6 years old he endured 6 1/2 weeks of Radiation Proton Therapy, which caused him to lose a lot of weight, that lead to required nightly feeds through his nose tube.  Along with proton therapy was 54 weeks of chemotherapy. In June 2014 after completion of the chemo regiment an MRI showed that his fight was not over. There were more small tumors in different areas of the brain. This called for different chemotherapy meds. another 5 weeks of daily Radiation Proton therapy and eventually another surgery. A total of 9 months of trying several different chemo "recipes" and our wonderful oncologists reaching out to experts and major hospitals for 2nd opinions and other possible options. New MRI's showed shrinkage of most tumors, but also new tumors in different areas of the brain. Through blood transfusions, toe walking, leg braces, foot drop, weight loss, feeding tubes, several bouts of hair loss, hospital stays, chemo, radiation, fevers, antibiotics, low counts, ER visits, seizures, declining ability to walk, stand or feed himself, he braved the fight. Derick fought with the strength of a warrior and with his amazing smile that can light up a room. He never lost his spunk and humor and also encouraged other kids to keep fighting. At home on the evening of March 22, 2015 surrounded by family and friends, our 8 years old Derick gained his angel wings. He was and will always be remembered as AMAZING, Derick the Defeater. #LiveDerickStrong

Parent Testimonials

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